Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Simple Past and The Infinitive

"The Seaweed Collectors" Paul Gaugin

1. I to New York last year. (go)

2. I want there again this year. (go)

3. Daniel a carpenter in his country.(be)

4. He wants a carpenter in this country. (be)

5. Maria a turkey for dinner last night. (make)

6. She wants another turkey next weekend. (make)

7. Tom soccer last Saturday. (play)

8. He wants soccer again this Saturday. (play)

9. Olivia with Carlos last night. (dance)

10. She wants with him again tonight. (dance)

11. We our new car yesterday. (drive)

12. We want it again today. (drive)

13. The students grammar last semester. (study)

14. They want it again next semester. (study)

15. The dog a steak for dinner last night. (eat)

16. The dog wants a steak again for dinner tonight.(eat)

17. Steven about his trip to Hawaii yesterday. (think)

18. He wants about it again today. (think)

19. The teacher the infinitive yesterday. (teach)

20. He wants it again today. (teach)

21. They the bus to school yesterday. (take)

22. They want it again after school. (take)

23. The policeman me a parking ticket yesterday.(give)

24. He wants me another one today. (give)