Monday, December 13, 2010

Past Perfect Progressive

"Tahitian Women on the Beach" Paul Gaugin, 1891
Use Past Perfect Progressive to express a continuing action from the past to another time in the past. Don't use Past Perfect Progressive when you're including present or future time.

1. I was disappointed that I didn't get the job I applied for. for it for a long time.

2. Igor is happy he passed the citizenship test. in citizenship classes for two semesters.

3. Martha didn't follow the recipe and the cake wasn't good. It's a shame. on it all yesterday morning.

4. Last night, I got home very late. my friends in Berkeley and I lost track of the time.

5. It's too bad that Donald and his girlfriend broke up. together for three years.

6. Melvin is glad that he won the marathon. for it for several months.

7. Our neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Peterson moved to another city to be closer to their grandchildren. I'll miss them. in our neighborhood for several years.

8. Did you really cancel your trip to Acapulco? You must be upset. it for several weeks.

9. Steve was going to come to our party, but he got the flu and couldn't come. It's a shame. to it since we invited him.

10. Roger got a job and couldn't perform in the play. He regretted it. for it for a long time.

11. It's a good thing we saw the Giants game. Remember? to get tickets to that game for weeks before we finally were able to get them.

12. What a relief! I went to the dentist yesterday, and she fixed my cracked tooth. pain for several days.

13. Maria for twenty minutes before she lost her voice.

14. The plane the airport for an hour before it was finally cleared for a landing.

15. We our picnic a lot when it suddenly began to rain.

16. Our favorite restaurant closed last month. It's really unfortunate. there for at least three years.

17. David finally saw the doctor at 5:00 pm yesterday afternoon. He was glad because for the doctor for an hour and a half.