Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sorting Three Verb Tenses: Future, Present Perfect,
Present Perfect Progressive

"Autumn Landscape With Four Trees"
Vincent Van Gogh, 1885

1. (I, know) how to ski since I was a teenager.

2. (take) My cousins BART to the East Bay and back to San Francisco for years.

3. (be) My sister never to New York.

4. (you, see) How many movies recently?

5. (we, wait) This bus is really late. How long for it?

6. (move) Daniel and his family to San Francisco next year.

7. (already, plan) Tom his trip to Europe.

8. (he, think) about the trip for a long time.

9. (he, shop) When Daniel moves to the United States, in North American supermarkets.

10. (I, own) my house since 2007.

11. (see) Jack the new movie at the AMC Theater yet?

12. (read) I love this book. it for two hours, and I'm not bored at all.

13. (play) Susan tennis since ten o'clock this morning.

14. (she, already, play) Believe it or not, 8 games of tennis and won three of them!

15. (you, write) Aren't you tired? letters all afternoon.

16. (you, write) Tell me. How many letters ?

17. (we, not, clean) We're cleaning our apartment, and we're very slow. the kitchen yet.

18. (we, already, clean) However, the two bedrooms, the dining room, and the bathroom.

19. (they, paint) Our friends are more energetic than we are. their apartment all weekend. They never stop painting except to eat lunch and dinner.

20. (plant) Mr. and Mrs. Parker flowers all day today.

21. (they, already, plant) Believe it or not, ten flowers!
Ten flowers? No wonder they're tired.

22. (they, plant) Not only that, but next weekend, a tree in front of their house.

23. (knit) My grandmother socks since 9 O'clock this morning.

24. (she, knit, already) Believe it or not, 7 pair of socks, and she's going to knit five more pair before she's finished.

25. (memorize) The actor his lines yet. He's not ready to perform.

26. (I, run) for two and a half hours, and I'm getting very tired. Is this race going to end anytime soon?

27. (they, take) Daniel's cousins tell him he shouldn't worry. English lessons for years, and it hasn't been a problem. In fact, they tell him English is "a piece of cake".

28. (you, have) I'm Doctor Greene. I understand your back hurts. How long this problem with your back?

29. (I, never, fly) I'm nervous. I'm going to fly in an airplane tomorrow, and in an airplane before.

30. (fly) Your cousins in airplanes for years, and believe me, there's nothing to be nervous about.

31. (I, study) English for a long time, but I'm not fluent yet. How long will it take me to become fluent in English?


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