Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Past, Unreal Conditional: Filling the Blanks

"The Large Family" Rene Magritte, 1963

1. I didn’t buy new shoes because I didn’t need them.
If I new shoes, I would have bought them.

2. I didn’t go to the park yesterday because I was busy.
If I hadn’t been busy, I to the park.

3. I didn’t drink coffee this morning because I was late to work.
If I late to work, I would have drunk coffee this morning.

4. I didn’t drive to work because my son borrowed my car.
I to work if my son hadn’t borrowed my car.

5. We didn’t rent the movie because we saw it last week
If we the movie last week, we would have rented it.

6. The traffic was slow because there was an accident.
If there hadn’t been an accident, the traffic slow.

7. The restaurant didn’t make money because the people didn’t like it.
The restaurant would have made money if the it.

8. The horse didn’t run fast because its leg was injured.
If the horse’s , it would have run faster.

9. I didn’t marry Susan because she loved someone else.
I would have married Susan if she someone else.

10. Tom didn’t play soccer last Saturday because his mother was sick.
If Tom’s mother hadn’t been sick, he soccer last Saturday.

11. The Giants won the World Series because they played very well.
If the Giants very well, they wouldn’t have won the World Series.

12. Mary didn’t go out with Chuck because he was married.
Mary with Chuck if he hadn’t been married.

13. We didn’t rent the apartment because it was too far away.
If the apartment hadn’t been so far away, we it.

14. Mary didn’t buy the dress because it didn’t fit her.
Mary the dress if it had fit her.

15. We didn’t enjoy the party because there were too many people.
We would have enjoyed the party if so many people.

16. Ed didn’t swim yesterday because the pool was closed.
Ed yesterday if the pool hadn’t been closed.

17. Steve didn’t walk to school yesterday because it was raining too hard.
Steve would have walked to school if so hard.

18. The workers quit their jobs because their factory moved to a different city.
If the workers’ factory to a different city, they wouldn’t have quit their jobs.

19. The children didn’t cry yesterday because the clown made them laugh.
If the clown hadn’t made the children laugh, they .

20. They couldn’t sell their book because it got bad reviews.
They their book if it better reviews. ,

21. I didn’t drive to work because I didn’t own a car.
I to work if I had owned a car.

22. I didn’t read when I was young because I watched too much TV.
If I so much TV, I would have read more when I was young.

23. Ray didn’t buy the computer because it wasn’t cheap enough.
Ray would have bought the computer if it cheaper.

24. I didn’t buy a new house because I didn’t win the lottery.
I a new house if I had won the lottery.

25. My son didn’t get the job because he didn’t speak Spanish fluently.
My son would have gotten the job if he fluently.

26. Our grandchildren didn’t visit us because they moved too far away.
They us if they hadn’t moved so far away.

27. They missed part of the class because they arrived too late.
They wouldn’t have missed any of the class if they so late.

28. My mother didn’t bake a cake because she didn’t have enough sugar and flour.
My mother a cake if she’d had enough sugar and flower.

29. I didn’t miss my brother’s birthday because I didn’t leave San Francisco.
I would have missed my brother’s birthday if I San Francisco.

30. I didn’t send you a postcard because I lost your address.
I you a postcard if I hadn’t lost your address.

Jennifer Esl - Past Unreal Conditionals

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