Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prepositions of Time: "In", "At", "On"

"Love Parade" by Francis Picabia, 1917

Rules for In, At, and On with time expressions:

Use "in" for month, year, season, decade, or century: "Our classes begin in August."
"I was born in 1959."

Use "in" for speaking of the amount of time before the beginning of an event:
"The class will start in ten minutes." (It's now 8:20am, and the class begins at 8:30am)

Use "in" for part of the day such as "in the afternoon" "in the evening".
but, use "at" for "at night"

Use "at" for exact time, just as "at" is used for exact place: "I work at 1125 Valencia Street." "The class begins at 8:30am." "We'll go to lunch at noon." "The news program is at 7:00pm." "We must pay our rent at the beginning of the month."

Use "at" for expressions like "at last" (finally) and "at the same time" (simultaneously)

Use "on" for day or a part of a day: "The classes will begin on Monday, August 16th.""We'll go to the computer lab on Friday."

1. We're going to travel abroad the summer.

2. They usually do their laundry Mondays.

3. Let's meet for lunch at Harvey's Restaurant around noon.

4. December 25th, we celebrate Christmas Day.

5. She's going to return from her trip to Mexico sometime May.

6. There's an important meeting at the office today 10:30 am.

7. Many workers lost their jobs 2008 because of the financial crisis.

8. You're invited to our school picnic. It's going to be Saturday afternoon 3:00 pm.

9. The office staff usually goes out for coffee the middle of the morning.

10. We like to go to jazz concerts the evening.

11. Our rent was due the beginning of the month. We finally paid it June 8th.

12. We heard a loud noise last night around 2 am.

13. Computer technology made very large progress the last decade of the Twentieth Century.

14. Fall Semester classes will begin Monday, August 16th.

15. This store is going to close exactly 11:00 pm.

16. Do you have any plans Independence Day?

17. They lived in New York most of the 1980s. Then, they moved to San Francisco.

18. I'm very busy the moment, but I'll call you later this afternoon.

19. We usually go to church Sunday morning.

20. I have one or two cups of coffee the morning, but not the afternoon.

21. The class starts 10:30 am. Try to be time.

22. Jose was born March 15th, 1975.

23. Mr. Kramer and his family came to this country 1990.

24. Our visitors are going to the new museum Thursday.

25. The weather doesn't get very hot in San Francisco June or July.

26. We enjoy watching movies on TV night.

27. Why is it so windy the afternoon around here?

28. They plan to leave for South America early the fall.

29. Our friends are going to visit us Sunday night.

30. My father used to smoke a pipe the evening after dinner.