Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reflexive Pronouns

"The Tourist" M.C. Escher, 1954

Choose the correct reflexive pronoun in the following sentences:

1. Jack used to walk by , but now he walks with his wife.

2. That man over there isn't talking to , he's using his cell phone.

3. They're both good painters, so they can paint their house by .

4. Welcome to our home, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, please help to those drinks and snacks.

5. You should see in the mirror. If you don't, something is wrong with either you or the mirror.

6. Steve and Maria own their business. They can give a vacation whenever they want.

7. Margaret hurt while she was cleaning the apartment.

8. Yolanda and I can fill out these applications by because our English is very good.

9. That cat always scratches when it's nervous.

10. Don't worry about your diet. Go ahead and treat . Have a cookie, and don't stop with just one.

11. Did you study English in a school, or did you learn it by ?

12. Mr. Banks, I think you and your wife can fix your dishwasher by . Just go to our website and click on "troubleshooting your dishwasher."

13. That elephant is washing in the river.

14. Oh, no! Our neighbors locked out of their apartment again!

15. When she doesn't feel like going to the hair salon, my wife cuts her hair by .

16. I'm sorry you lost your dog, but please don't blame for it.

17. Your dog might return home by . You should wait and see.

18. You should look at . You're covered with dirt from working in the garden.

19. Did Matt enjoy at the party last night?

20. Former presidents often wrote their speeches by . Modern presidents employ professional speech writers.

21. Our daughter is only three years old, and she can already dress .

22. Are you sure you want to drive to Chicago by ? It's very far from here.

23. I prefer not to study by . I would rather join a class.

24. Some people enjoy going to the movies by .

25. Sylvia prepared dinner for ten people by .

26. My sons are grown up and know how to go on camping trips by .

27. The cat is cleaning right now and doesn't want to be picked up.

28. We are confident we can decorate our apartment by .

29. Welcome, everybody. The food, plates, drinks, and silverware are on that table. Please, help .

30. What happened here? Why is the living room so clean? I didn't clean it, and I'm sure it didn't clean . If you cleaned it, Jack, I'm really surprised. You never clean anything around here.

Here is a good lesson from "Learning American English" and "Youtube" on reflexive pronouns:

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