Monday, April 19, 2010

Past Perfect Tense: I had never done that before.

Vukile and John are talking. Their conversation goes something like this:

Vukile: John. Did you jump out of an airplane last weekend?
John: Yes, Vukile, and I had never jumped out of an airplane before.

1. Did you eat at an African restaurant last Saturday?

2. Did you win a chess game last week?

3. Did you find a book about bee behavior last Saturday?

4. Did you fly a kite in Golden Gate Park?

5. Did you visit the Japanese Tea Garden yesterday?

6. I heard that you dropped a brick on your foot recently.

7. I heard that you bought an exotic house plant. Is that true, John?

8. I heard that you became a "couch potato" during the last heavy rain storm.

9. I heard you saw a racoon in your flower bed last weekend.

10. John, I heard that you enrolled in a Zulu language class last week.

11. I heard your sister was named employee of the month yesterday.

12. Did you bake chocolate chip cookies last weekend?

13. I heard you sang in the San Francisco Opera last season.

14. Did you drink a glass of South African beer on Sunday?

15. I heard your wife picked you up in a limo after school yesterday.

16. Did you lose twenty-five dollars in the lottery last week?

17. I heard you fell asleep during an astronomy lecture at Ocean Campus. Is it true?

18. Is it true that you swam to Alcatraz and back last weekend?

19. I heard that you got into an argument with your next door neighbor. Is it true?

20. Is it true that you ran out of lessons in class yesterday?

21. Did you visit your second cousin in Nevada last weekend?

22. I heard you caught a gigantic fish in the bay yesterday. True or not?

23. I heard your parking fine was reduced by the judge. Is it true?

24. Did you play cards with your dishonest colleagues yesterday?

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