Sunday, April 25, 2010

Connectors with "So" , "Neither", "Too", "Either"

"The Railway" Edouard Manet, 1873

Choose "So" or "Neither" in the following:

1. I was born in Mexico.

2. He needs a cup of coffee.

3. We're really exhausted.

4. You didn't understand the teacher yesterday.

5. He'll write a letter to our sister.

6. I don't have their address.

7. We haven't been to Canada.

8. They saw a great movie on Saturday.

9. Amy likes science fiction novels.

10. I haven't eaten much Italian food.

11. He didn't spend much time taking photographs.

12. Her daughter is waiting for the train.

13. You don't see the license number on that car.

14. We like to travel in the summer.

15. He's seen the new textbook for the class.

Now, choose "too" or "either"

15. We're going to take a break in ten minutes.

16. You don't have any idea when the exam will be.

17. She often thinks about her parents in Mexico.

18. I won't be working the rest of week.

19. They went shopping all day on Saturday.

20. We need to finish our homework.

21. They won't be able to attend class tomorrow.

22. He wasn't in San Francisco last summer.

23. Arnold doesn't like violent TV programs.

24. Lenny went out of town last weekend.

25. Gloria hasn't been visiting our grandparents.

25. The children enjoy playing soccer at the playground.

26. She sees the pretty bird on that house.

27. We weren't very interested in the last museum exhibit.


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