Sunday, April 25, 2010

Connectors with "So" , "Neither", "Too", "Either"

"The Railway" Edouard Manet, 1873

Choose "So" or "Neither" in the following:

1. I was born in Mexico.

2. He needs a cup of coffee.

3. We're really exhausted.

4. You didn't understand the teacher yesterday.

5. He'll write a letter to our sister.

6. I don't have their address.

7. We haven't been to Canada.

8. They saw a great movie on Saturday.

9. Amy likes science fiction novels.

10. I haven't eaten much Italian food.

11. He didn't spend much time taking photographs.

12. Her daughter is waiting for the train.

13. You don't see the license number on that car.

14. We like to travel in the summer.

15. He's seen the new textbook for the class.

Now, choose "too" or "either"

15. We're going to take a break in ten minutes.

16. You don't have any idea when the exam will be.

17. She often thinks about her parents in Mexico.

18. I won't be working the rest of week.

19. They went shopping all day on Saturday.

20. We need to finish our homework.

21. They won't be able to attend class tomorrow.

22. He wasn't in San Francisco last summer.

23. Arnold doesn't like violent TV programs.

24. Lenny went out of town last weekend.

25. Gloria hasn't been visiting our grandparents.

25. The children enjoy playing soccer at the playground.

26. She sees the pretty bird on that house.

27. We weren't very interested in the last museum exhibit.

"So do I" and other English Insanity.

"Castle and Sun" by Paul Klee

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Past Perfect Tense: I had never done that before.

Vukile and John are talking. Their conversation goes something like this:

Vukile: John. Did you jump out of an airplane last weekend?
John: Yes, Vukile, and I had never jumped out of an airplane before.

1. Did you eat at an African restaurant last Saturday?

2. Did you win a chess game last week?

3. Did you find a book about bee behavior last Saturday?

4. Did you fly a kite in Golden Gate Park?

5. Did you visit the Japanese Tea Garden yesterday?

6. I heard that you dropped a brick on your foot recently.

7. I heard that you bought an exotic house plant. Is that true, John?

8. I heard that you became a "couch potato" during the last heavy rain storm.

9. I heard you saw a racoon in your flower bed last weekend.

10. John, I heard that you enrolled in a Zulu language class last week.

11. I heard your sister was named employee of the month yesterday.

12. Did you bake chocolate chip cookies last weekend?

13. I heard you sang in the San Francisco Opera last season.

14. Did you drink a glass of South African beer on Sunday?

15. I heard your wife picked you up in a limo after school yesterday.

16. Did you lose twenty-five dollars in the lottery last week?

17. I heard you fell asleep during an astronomy lecture at Ocean Campus. Is it true?

18. Is it true that you swam to Alcatraz and back last weekend?

19. I heard that you got into an argument with your next door neighbor. Is it true?

20. Is it true that you ran out of lessons in class yesterday?

21. Did you visit your second cousin in Nevada last weekend?

22. I heard you caught a gigantic fish in the bay yesterday. True or not?

23. I heard your parking fine was reduced by the judge. Is it true?

24. Did you play cards with your dishonest colleagues yesterday?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Appropriate Responses to Questions or Statements.

"Sunday on La Grand Jatte" Georges Seurat

What is the appropriate response to certain statements and questions? Sometimes, we don't know what to say in a situation, so we don't say anything. But it's better to know what to say than remain silent.

For example,
A: I just got a raise.
B: That's great. Congratulations.

That is better than:

A: I just got a raise.
B: (silence)

1. I can't come to work. I have a terrible cold.

2. My wife is having a baby.

3. We're having terrible weather, aren't we?

4. Hey, how are you? What's going on?

5. I just tripped and fell. I'm in a lot of pain and I can't move.

6. This is California Pacific Hospital. How may I direct your call?


Sure. It's Ten Thirty.

8. Could you please tell me how to get to the library from here?

9. John. Have the packages been sent yet?

10. How did you and your wife like the movie?

11. Thanks very much for all your help.

12. I just got laid off.

13. My husband left me for another woman.

14. Could you possibly do me a favor?

15. I wonder if I could borrow your dictionary.

16. What do you miss most about your country?

17. How was the party?

18. How was the wedding?

19. Be careful. Don't walk there. It's slippery.

20. Is today Sunday?

21. I'm going on a job interview this afternoon.

22. How do you do?

23. What are you going to name your new dog?


25. You know, you just hit me with your elbow!

26. The Muni Bus System is very unreliable.

27. There needs to be better funding for public education.

28. Would you like to join us for dinner?

29. I want to apologize to you. I didn't mean to close the door on your hand.

30. Would you care for another cup of coffee?

31. Look at that magnificent bird!

32. I wish my neighbors were friendlier.

33. Here's your meal. I hope you enjoy it.

34. I just won the lottery.

35. I just lost my shirt at the stock market.

36. Roger, can you please put everything away and lock up?

37. Mary had her baby last night.

38. Your name is Alvin Parker, am I right?

39. I just saw an accident at the corner of Mission and 22nd.

40. Do you by any chance have a dollar to spare?

41. Rover broke his tooth chewing a bone.

42. The State of California should spend less on prisons and more on education.

43. I'm new in San Francisco. I'm having trouble finding places.

44. I'd like to make an appointment with the doctor.

45. Is Level Five available at 12:30 next semester?

46. Where can I register for classes at Mission Campus?

47. I can't believe it. Without warning, I was given the ax at work.

48. I was really blown away by that film. Were you?

49. Albert was chosen "Employee of the Month."

50. Mr. and Mrs. Tyler were ripped off last week.