Saturday, February 20, 2010

Past, Unreal Conditional: Writing Practice.

"Charles IV and His Family" by Francisco de Goya

Exercise One.

1. Tom wishes he had studied last night.

2. I wish I had taken dance lessons.

3. Mary wishes she had taken a pain pill.

4. I wish I had gotten a flu shot.

5. Sally wishes she had learned French.

6. Steve wishes he had won the lottery.

7. They wish they hadn't watched so much TV.

8. I wish I had seen "Avatar" in 3D.

9. Mary wishes she had driven more slowly.

10. Don't you wish you had eaten breakfast?

1l. Sylvia, don't you wish you had married Tom?

12. Lester wishes he hadn't lost his job.

13. We wish we hadn't bought a lemon.

14. Jack. Don't you wish you had married Ellen Parker?

15. Teacher. Don't you wish you had requested an evening class?
Not really.

16. Susan. Don't you wish you had gone to law school?
Not really.

"Portrait of a Nobleman" by El Greco

Exercise Two
Combine the sentences to form the Past, Unreal Conditional

1. She was sick. She didn't attend school.

2. He drove too fast. He was in an accident.

3. He had to stay after school. He didn't do the homework.

4. I missed the plane. I didn't go to Hawaii.

5. I didn't understand the grammar. I didn't pass the test.

6. She didn't perform well. She didn't have time to rehearse.

7. She didn't read the book. She didn't answer the questions.

8. She was tired last night. She didn't go to the party.

9. John Black wasn't honest. I didn't vote for him.

10. My computer crashed. I couldn't write emails.

11. I didn't have a good interview. I didn't get the job.

12. The music wasn't good. I didn't enjoy the party.

13. He didn't get stuck in traffic. He didn't miss his plane.

14. Alan didn't tell his mother about his cold. She didn't serve him chicken soup.

15. Greta wasn't feeling well yesterday. She didn't go to work.

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